In a matter of days companies saw their offices depleted. We went from onsite to remote. And for many, from remote to lonely, tired or bored. That was 1 year ago.

Even when offices open their doors again, working from anywhere in the world will remain a popular choice for people and companies alike. Yet, no one is excited about online events or teleconferences. Online life feels flat.

What are we going to do about it?

Our passion is providing unique experiences. 2020 forced us too to reinvent how we work. Also online. There was so much to discover, and so much fun to have!

Sure, we all adopted 2D platforms -we won’t name names, let’s not zoom on the details- since they were the first available. But we evolved, our whole team went on a journey of discovery. Being online should be fun, engaging and productive. All at once. And in 3D, of course.

We bring the engaging user experience of 3D games (accessible to all, games and non-gamers alike!), add remote collaborative tools and sprinkle a ton of surprises and fun. Online worlds you can use to meet others, work, learn, shop or explore just to catch a break.

ROND is going live soon: Sign up and become one of the first explorers!