We have been advised in the past not to use the word “Game” on our presentation or pitches: “Games scare away real clients”, they say. Here is our answer:

Games. More games! We. Love. Games. ❤

They are really exciting environments and provide lots of potential and inspiration when thinking about online experiences.

Peter Rojas summarized really well why we love games so much:

“Why have social games proven to be so good at maintaining friendships during this time? Because the prospect of doing something fun together draws us in, while the structured play of the game organizes and facilitates our social interactions.”

Read his full article directly from his site: Peter Rojas,

Why do video games work so well as social experiences.

Games: places to explore, play, meet and learn… 😊

We believe so much in games that we created our own gamified platform for online and virtual events. Launching really soon, be one of the first explorers: sing up!