It’s not often that you get to be involved with two amazing events happening in the same week. As an event producer who is fascinated by the implications of technology in our every day life next week is going to be one I’ve been looking forward to for a while. It is the culmination of our work and a showcase why Helsinki is once again at the forefront of citizens user experience, ethical debate and leading the change to a human centred economy.

Smart City 4.0

The term “Smart City” carries many different definitions, but for most people it conjures up the image of a city that leverages technology to improve the lives of its inhabitants. A Smart City is nevertheless a complex ecosystem which contains both technological and human aspects. It can be seen as a solution for the challenges that society faces such as urbanization, energy sustainability, and population growth, to name but a few. It is not only about enhancing infrastructure and public services using technology but also engaging citizens and improving the collective intelligence. The shift from a technology-centric focus to a human-centric focus in building smart cities has been noted within the last few years and evolved to a concept which can be called Smart City 2.0. This idea embodies the deployment of AI, data analytics, co-design and open innovation to create more inclusive citizen experience and better decision making. But the looming question is HOW?

This is why next week is a week of great importance with two conferences at the forefront of this debate.

First up we have WDBE – World Summit on Digital Built Environment which dives deep into how we can transform the urban user experience. WDBE 2019 is not a passive conference. It’s an active 2-day journey to discover what the current and future challenges of city development are and how to come up with the best solutions with a 360 approach: citizens, private companies, public entities, ecology, mobility etc.

Check the awesome WDBE 2019 program here

In the same week the MyData 2019 conference takes place, MyData 2019 creates a place for accelerating global change towards a human-centric approach to personal data. On 25-27 September 2019, some 1000 experts from business, legal, tech and society sectors will gather for the fourth time in Helsinki, with the focus on how to effect the change we need.

Check the top-notch MyData 2019 program here

Both events are created for and by their respective communities but there is one definite link between them. And that is that it effects all of us, whether you want it or not.

– Sjoerd