“The Race to Fix Virtual Meetings” is an absolute gem of an article by the NYTimes. 🙌

In online setups, building an agenda and carrying out some work is easy: Zoom call, screen share, off you go. But easy is not good enough: it’s often far from a pleasant experience for the team. For the people.

We crave freedom, deeper interactions. And in our case, we started developing our own 3D online platform inspired, among other things, by videogames: online 3D environments where people gladly spend hours playing but also simply talking, exploring, relaxing…

To understand more what has been happening in the quest for users’ wellbeing in virtual environments, the motivations, and how the outcome will mean better experiences for you read the full article from The New York Times Magazine: The Race to Fix Virtual Meetings.

A source of inspiration for us to keep working on dynamic virtual worlds and unique online experiences!