We’re very big fan of Viviane Schwarz and her team: they decided to ditch Zoom and started meeting in Red Dead Redemption! In the words of Nate Crowley:

“They’ve been meeting with workmates in the uncanny environs of Red Dead Redemption 2 for some time now, and while they can’t swear blind that it’s the most efficient place to do business, it is at least not Zoom. So, grab yourself a seat by the fire and a rusty tin of hawk viscera, and let’s action some deliverables.”

Games might not be perfect, not made for business originally, and could even have some glitches, but they are still a nicer experience than the usual 2D telco platforms.

We’ve done our fair bit of experimenting too. We have realized that the best is to combine the experience from games with the tools for remote work and, and this is key, making it really easy, friendly and fun to actually connect and see others live. In 3D, of course! Around a campfire or on the Moon (not even joking here…), we can meet anywhere you want. Or, you know, you might get abducted onto the next meeting like our feature picture shows! In any case, it will be a funnier experience than a 2D telco call.

To revisit the source of inspiration for this short post dive into the article: People are using Red Dead Redemption 2 to hold conference calls, by Rock, Paper, Shotgun.


Go ahead, take your team and explore any of the many, many outstanding games out there. Or even better: sign up for ROND!