The Metaverse is indeed coming!

This is the freaking coolest thing ever since the birth of the internet and we are playing a massive part of its development:

“The Metaverse is arguably as big a shift in online communication as the telephone or the internet. Within the next few…

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Games Games Games and More Games!

We have been advised in the past not to use the word “Game” on our presentation or pitches: “Games scare away real clients”, they say. Here is our answer:

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Let’s meet in a 3D game!

We’ve done our fair bit of experimenting too and realized the best is to combine the experience from games with the tools for remote work and, and this is key, making it really easy, friendly and fun to actually connect and see others live.

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Become one of the first explorers: Sign Up to ROND!

ROND is going live soon: Sign up and become one of the first explorers! We bring the engaging user experience of 3D games (accessible to all, games and non-gamers alike!), add remote collaborative tools and sprinkle a ton of surprises and fun. Online worlds you can use to meet others, work, learn, shop or explore just to catch a break.

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How to fix virtual meetings

In online setups, building an agenda and carrying out some work is easy: Zoom call, screen share, off you go. But easy is not good enough: it’s often far from a pleasant experience for the team.

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ROND joins forces with Monaco Foundry!

ROND joins forces with MONACO FOUNDRY! Monaco Foundry is a global early to mid-stage venture accelerator with an impressive track record that invests in human performance and optimization companies from all over the world.

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How to fight against Zoom fatigue

Working life is more remote than event. Meetings have turned into Zoom calls and virtual events into glorified video calls alternatives. People are increasingly tired when joining those calls and online events. A new term emerged recently to summarize this feeling of exhaustion: Zoom fatigue.

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Sjoerd interviewed by Entrepreneurs of Finland

Sjoerd Postema gave a lovely and insightful interview to our friends at Entrepreneurs of Finland some months ago. A look into his love for games, his drive to create unique audience experiences and life in Finland as an entrepreneur.

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