BREAKING NEWS! We are thrilled to announce that ROND joins forces with MONACO FOUNDRY:

Monaco Foundry is a global early to mid-stage venture accelerator with an impressive track record that invests in human performance and optimization companies from all over the world.

We are very proud to become part of this extremely curated team of startups currently under the wing of the Monaco Foundry. As a result of this partnership, we are also honored to welcome onboard:

Brian Frederiksen, a Fortune 500 Executive, former Senior Government Advisor, Chief Strategy & Operating Officer of MERCK’s Healthcare Services & Solutions, and former Global Lead for Business Development at IBM WATSON HEALTH.

Together we aim to expand our reach and impact, and further develop and launch ROND’s unique 3D online platform.

Our goal? To provide unique online spaces for companies to gather their teams and host events, and to give the users, all of us, all of you, the freedom to create, explore and reconnect with peers. Anywhere. Any time.

More about Monaco Foundry: 

https://monacofoundry.comStay tuned: Great things are coming…!