This is the freaking coolest thing ever since the birth of the internet and we are playing a massive part of its development:
“Over the course of 2021, the Metaverse will experience widespread use, and start to become a human co-experience utility. People will meet in virtual worlds not just to play a game, but also to check out a new movie trailer or laugh at user-generated videos. Education will move from learning to code online to learning core sciences with physics or biology simulations and ultimately becoming an immersive environment where classrooms are organised within it. Some might have fun recreating familiar physical locations, such as their university campus or their company’s HQ, where they can meet with colleagues working remotely.”
Live, dynamic and potentially infinite, the Metaverse is a multiverse of worlds that never sleep. A never-ending online experience. 😎 Check the full article from Wired: The Metaverse is coming. ROND gives you a first-hand experience: sign up!